Help: A good system for Table & Chart API

Dear pals,
We are using Wordpress 3.6 as our main system for an “Activity Log” . In that we use “Wordpress Business Intelligence” plugin for creating the Charts & Table graphs of activity . As part of development we plan to make available this
service(Chart & Table Report) to other web apps(including non-wordpress).So we need an API to call the Plugin (Wordpress Business Inteligence) . But that Wordpress not support API . So we plan to do it some other framework or core php itself . So Do any one can suggest a library for it(Chart & Table from MySQL data) and if any framework purely support it . Waiting for your fast reply.


Well try this PHP GUI API I made half a year ago, it allows you to create tables, forms and other HTML elements in easy way, similar to Java’s GUI package.

Dear Friend,
I checked your code . But I need actual report like Charts & Tables

Charts like

and Tables like

Please advise a solution asap.