Now a days Search Engine Marketing is in a great hike, I applied few of its techniques, but instead of that I failed to drive traffic for my website, please give some hints, so i can drive some visitor on my site

  • I’d start with the faqs first.

by the way what were the few techniques you applied?

  1. If your site’s Title is like the title of this thread, I am not surprised.
  2. Start researching more.
  3. Devote several hours per day on SEO studying.
  4. Read, read, read.
  5. If one technique does not work, try another and then another.


yeah, i think you should have specified what kind of techniques you have done and maybe the guys in this forum can help you out with specific details.
Well SEO may be on a great hike right now but it ain’t really that easy like many people think. It takes time, passion, determination, hard work and ideas.

I agree Kevin - thread closed