Hello! newbie here looking for advice on 1st web page

Hi, I have been working with WP for a few weeks now on and off on my spare time. So far I have a domain, web page and have been working on the pages, etc,etc.
The web page I would like to complete will have:

  1. sign up page
  2. membership levels
  3. map of members zip code page (for anyone to see)
  4. map of members zip code & email for members (for only members to see)
  5. Donation page

I have made all the pages, they just are not all working as I would like.
a) sign up page - working
b) membership levels - working
c) map page - working
d) donation page - working

What is not working is:

  1. membership sign up page should auto place a marker on the map
  2. non members should only see zip codes of members not email address
  3. the overall design needs a bit of help as well

I’m finding myself enjoying learning how to build a web page etc. I would like to speed it up though for a complete working site. So I figured I would start here asking for help. I’m currently using Simpleshift Theme, not sure if its the correct one?
I’m looking for building a very simple site. I have asked a few people from various places for help and was quoted from $800.00 up to $20000.00! wow. From what I have learned so far myself building this site I feel pretty good. I would think some one that knows WP better than myself could build the web site, in less than a few hours?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Welcome to the forums, @jbbcd.

I don’t use WP myself, so can’t help with any of those issues, but we have other members who will be able to assist.

The best way to get started might be to pick the first issue you want to tackle, and post as much information as you can, including (where appropriate) the code you have for it so far and/or a link to a live version of the site where we can see what’s happening. Explain what is/isn’t working as you would like, and what help you need with it. The more information you give, the easier it is for others to help.

Try to watch some tutorial online and it will help you further.

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