Hello, Im new here, I need little help on question

Hello, my name is Richard Im new here, I need little help on question. i tried few Wordpress forums but no luck they only said contact yootheme for there help which I already
e-mailed one of the developers but until I hear from anyone over there I will just see if anyone can help me through here.

Now, Im not sure this will be the correct category to post this, so I apologize if is not.

So, here is my question I have,

I tried several forums but no luck on this web template of YOOtheme hopefully someone may able to help me on this one question.

On the Flux yootheme Wordpress style. right now I starting to design the site template but Im little lost. I just finished designing my header image for the top of the homepage the image is now in my library!
But, I dont know where to upload the image into the header area on site home page? where do I upload it at? I seen tutorials that they have under ( Appearance option ) & has header option which this template does not have that.

It just has ( Appearance, Themes, Widgets, Menus & Editors.)

Here is a link to the WP Flux theme in case you want to know what it looks like & the one Im using.

Hope anyone can help.

I hope this is enough information that you can see clearly to help me.