Hello All

Can U Xplain This Site Is Related To Which Category?

Yes. It’s related to web design and development.

Can you explain why somebody would sign up to this forum without understanding what it’s about? It seems a very strange thing to do.

It seems that we have a few newbies that join forums simply for the fun of it. I’m quite sure that they simply want to make friends and have a few laughs and expand horizons.

Not sure that you can do that if you join a forum that you really don’t know anything about but… who knows? I’m so nice that maybe they come because of me :lol:

Should I explain to it or just let him to discover by himself what this community is all about.

Suit yourself. Personally, I think that discovery is always an adventure and there’s a lot of knowledge hidden in these threads… but maybe @Arif_Ahmed; is not interested in our line of expertise at all… and then he would simply wasting his time :slight_smile:

@Arif_Ahmed; Have you already found out what this forum is all about? :slight_smile: