Height of cell is wrong

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What is it that’s setting the height of the “proddescript” cell? (“proddescript” cell contains the product name, price, and description). I haven’t specified a height for that cell, yet it is about 300px high. I think it has something to do with that css pop-up image code in the “prodimage” cell to the right. The height of the “proddescript” cell seems to be lining up with the “prodimage” cell somehow.

I don’t want the “proddescript” cell to have a specified height. How do I fix that?

Thanks for the tip!

You split the cell with rowspan so the two cells on the right will stretch out to match the height of the one cell on the left. If you just used two cells and didn’t split them then the content would stay at the top of the cell.

Table cells are always equal in height and if you split one with rowspan the other two cells will still maintain this height (and vice versa).

Tables are tricky things, and there’s no good reason to use one there. Use floated divs instead, and you won’t have this problem. Divs are much easier to use. Make Content overflow:hidden, and place two divs around 292px wide, one floated right and one floated left.

Gotcha. So what I did was set a specific height for the proddescript cell. That helps.