Height and Width of a Hallmark Card

Can someone tell me as I want make cards and sell them to people :slight_smile:

Well they vary! I’ve got some here right now (my birthday recently) – one is 7.25" tall, 4.25" wide, another is 5.5" x 8.5", another is smaller than the first, etc. Go to a greeting card store and you’ll see everything from little cards that fit in the palm to gigantic ones. I think the biggest one I ever got was about 2 feet tall. Also some are perfectly square, some are rectangular, some are shaped. Really loads of variety.

Thanks I am looking for more the rectangle ones. Almost look like postcards

do as i do…get a card of the size you’d like, then get out your ruler and measure it…:wink:

Forlorn…next time you’re out and about, head over to a Walgreen’s or Eckerd’s. Grab a ruler from their school supplies section and walk over to the card section. Pick the standard size (or whatever size you want) and measure it. That way you know exactly which one you’re designing for.

I believe the standard ones are around 4in x 6in (one on side), which would make the full card around 8in x 6in.

Thanks. I asked over here cuz well I was kind of lazy to go to the store to grab a card and measure it.

Thanks again

I just use the double 5X7 post card size. It is 10X7 flat. You can get standard sized envelopes for these. Just do a Google search and you can find a manufactorer of these.
For the printing of the cards, you can go to Post Card press and they will give you a quote for this.
I just did the Christmas cards for a fasion design house in NYC and they loved the outcome.