Health-care system in the USA - is it really so bad?

I’ve never been to Amercia, but I’m curios about your private health-care system transformation.

Why it’s happening?

I used to live in Poland and we’re trying to migrate to the private sector, because national is incredibly expensive and there’s almost no competition in this sector, you have to wait for an appointment for YEARS etc. It’s a bit strange when one country is going in one direction and the rest of the world is going exactly the opposite way!

So what’s went wrong? In theory, public health-care can’t be cheaper than the private one…

Can anybody from the USA tell me how much you have to spend on health-care, and what you think about the whole insurance system?



Aa cousin of mine lives in the US.

She had some idiopathic kidney failure (something made them scar up and die) at around age 24. She was already working and so had health-care insurance from her employer. She received a kidney transplant. She now takes very expensive anti-rejection drugs.

She can never work for any other employer ever again. I dunno what she could do if they closed or something. She now has a “pre-existing condition” and she will never get health insurance from any other company because of it (or not without paying premiums that are as high as her costs).

In the US, if you have health insurance, things are usually ok. Unless the company decides not to pay for something.

If you don’t have health insurance, you cannot afford to get sick (unless you’re rich).

I can’t comment on recent changes.

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Under what we have had in the past (pre-Obama), if you have a pre-existing condition, and change companies, it should be covered.

That would have been nice, but it’s not true (not in this case).

It depends on the state you live in - where I live, denying insurance to an employee based on a pre-existing condition is illegal, and a higher premium may only be charged for a specified point of time.

To say she can never change jobs is inaccurate. She may need to look for another state OR look for a large company to work for (the larger companies get more leeway in those types of conditions…)

You might find this bunch of videos informative. Some political/economic theory in there; free markets vs. state markets.


[FONT=“Georgia”]It might break down the positives of one direction, but why there are pressures to go in the other direction.


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Well, as a Canuck, I hear a lot of demonization of the US system, and a great deal of lauding of our socialized system.

After much thought, I have come to this conclusion: You stay here, you die waiting. You stay there you die because of no coverage. 6 of one, half a dozen of the other I figure.

Under what we have had in the past (pre-Obama), if you have a pre-existing condition, and change companies, it should be covered. The real issue is that many employers are self-insured. Self-insured is the employer placing all health benefits in one account. As you use your benefits, the money is removed from the account. The benefits are “managed” by a health insurance company that is in BUSINESS to make a profit. Many people feel that the insurance companies are making too much profit.

I would prefer that the government was not involved in most endeavors. The U.S. Postal Service is an example of Government spending. The only thing I get via U.S. Mail is advertisements and bills (I don’t want or need the advertisements, and the bills can be handled via email). I expect the government run health care to be the item that bankrupts the U.S.

If the U.S. Congress had to use the new health care program that they have approved, it would never have passed.