Header Text is Off when Viewed in IE

Today, I’ve been editing The “Sudden Compliance” Program - Child behavior problems, Child discipline methods. When I completed the edits, I noticed that the newsletter text in the header overlaps the name and email fields when viewed in Internet Explorer. This appears to be the only browser that is experiencing this issue. Does anyone know how I can correct this issue? Thanks.

As a quick fix, you could try reducing the width a bit until everything fits:

#newsletter form .form_item {
  height: 20px;
  padding: 2px;
  position: relative;
  [COLOR="Red"]width: 200px;[/COLOR] /* reduce */

You’ve got multiple width calculation errors across the entire page – most of them involve declaring border widths PLUS 100% width – which makes the element wider than it’s parent. As such I’m seeing layout issues in pretty much EVERY browser; though those are at a minimum since you are using px metric fonts on everything – which is bad for accessibility.

Peeking under the hood I’m seeing WAY too much static inlined CSS, (something that should rarely ever exist), a lot of pointless attributes (rel=“nofollow” on hash links?), invalid form structures, tables for nothing (another possible contributor to the layout issues), non-breaking spaces doing padding’s job, multiple unneccessary div, unneccesary classes, vague/meaningless classnames (c4, c14…), and the 21 validation errors (in a tranny doctype) means it’s pretty much not even HTML.

… and that’s before we even talk the seo failings of the overstuffed keywords meta, paragraphs doing heading’s job, lack of headings altogether, presentational images in the markup and inaccessible forms…

As you try to maintain said page, you’ll hit up against layout issues repeatedly if you do not go through and either remove and/or fix the width calculation issues, though honestly the entire thing needs a rewrite from scratch using proper coding techniques.

The use of HTML Tidy on it almost strikes me as being used to try and hide bad code – but I say that about most whitespace stripping and/or auto-formatters. In this case even stripped it’s 42k of markup for 16k of plaintext content – basically doing 24 to 28k of markup’s job.

Thank you so much for your responses. I have successfully corrected the issue.