Header OverFlow

I would like to eliminate the horizontal and the header that is broken by the horizontal scroll, I know it has to do with the image multiple images. This same issue arises within another part of the page, except it’s not laid out identical to that of the link presented in this message, you can see…

Was that meant to be a link to your site?

Wrong paste. HaHa

OK. But I don’t understand what the issue is, I’m afraid.

No need to be afraid :slight_smile: (I know it’s a figure of speech, just teasing)
Scroll horizontally, and look at the top right hand corner of the header, do you see that space, I want to eliminate that space.

OK, I’ve looked the page, and now I’m terrified … I’m afraid. :smiley:

Nah, seriously though, still not sure what you mean. There is a big long gray header—no obvious space in the top right.

Scroll the page horizontally, you’ll see the space between the light gray and the dark gray, aka the header and the background.

I only see one shade of gray in the heading, do you mean the centered box above the nav?

Off Topic:

the colors are killing my eyes

It’s right here; in the top right hand corner.

Ah I see it only happens not when maximized, did you try adding width:100% to the header?

That didn’t solve it.
I think what it is, is the images to the far right are not completely being shown, I suppose I need to wrap the last column of images one row down.