Header isn't the same on two pages

Hi I’m trying to create a 2 web pages and when going back and fourth on the tabs I could see that the header navigation was moving slightly even though I’m using the same css. Can’t find out whats wrong with it and whats moving it slightly.

If you open my site and then on click on site in the navigation and open it on a new site your can see the nav move slightly.

heres my site: http://lctours.co.uk/

Are you seeing the difference between the vertical scroll bar on the visited page vs the absence of the scroll bar on the home page?

Thanks for your reply.

No its the nav in the heading and navigation. The navigation moves slightly

If open my site then click on sites look at the nav with “garybeckett home sites about contact”, Click back to the home page you should be able to see that the header nav moves abit. If you click back and foward you can see it moving.

Look again, please. Open those two pages in two tabs and click between the tabs. What is the difference? (Hint: look at the vertical scrollbar. The presence of the vertical scroll bar changes the width of the page so the menu appears to “jump” a little.)

If you can’t see that, then add this code to your CSS and try again:

html {

It’s probably due to there not being much content on your home page, meaning no scrollbars, while there are scroll bars on the longer pages. There’s nothing you can do about that except to force scroll bars on the short pages.

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