Header extend outside of container

so i am trying to get my navigation bar to extend outside of my container. i have a div around my container that contains a background image that is repeating started at the y coordinate where the navbar starts. learned that from a sitepoint book a while back.

but what i having a problem with is that on the right side of the nav, i have a little extension that makes increases the height of the bar. not sure how i set it up so that the navigation will extend with that height on the right side of the page but not the left.

not sure if that description makes sense…so look here: http://www.dandrweddings.com/amy

I’m afraid it’s just not clear what you are describing… to me, anyhow. Could you post an image of what you want?

sorry. not really sure how to explain it…

but here is a photo…the img on top is how it is currently set.

the img on bottom is how i’d like it.


I can see a couple of solutions, but none of them really great. To be honest, if you must have this effect, I would go for one, big, wide background image about 2500px wide. Probably not the most elegant solution, but certainly the simplest. And it should be possible to keep the file size small.