hCards and getting your Browser to read them

Hi from the socially deprived centre of the north otherswise known as wakefield :wink:

Ive been trying to get my head around the world of microformats nicely expained here -

But then after theory comes application ie “lets see if this stuff works”
So I go to this page which has an example and heighlighted in the screen grab above -

But heres whats puzzling me when I click on the hcard in firefox nothing happens, when I click on it on my blackberry nothing happens.

I then learn I need to download a firefox add on detailed here -

But still nothing happens as in I thought the whole point of Hcards is that once clicked on it would download contact details.

What am i doing wrong? What do I have to do to make hCard microformats do something usefull?

Any insights welcome :slight_smile: