HawkHost review

I am not the host or affiliated to the host.
I have been hosted with HawkHost since December 2010.
I am still hosted with them.
I have their shared hosting package and the domain www.gelderdend.com hosted with them.

TITLE: HawkHost

General features: 8/10 HawkHost are a web hosting company that offer secure, fast, reliable hosting from $5.95pm for their cheapest shared package (the one I am on :P). They offer shared, reseller and VPS hosting packages. They offer pre-payment for three months, six months, 12 months or just monthly. There is no set-up fee which is an added bonus as getting a host can be an expensive time. The hosting comes with a money-back guarantee and also a 99% uptime guarantee, and offer plenty of other great features such as extra emails or IP addresses, as well as unlimited subdomains.

Reliability: 9/10
I have to say, I have never experienced any downtime since being with HawkHost, and the only downtime I have experienced is through fault of my own :smiley: They are extremely reliable and always alert you about future downtime well in advance.

Customer support: 9/10
I have not had to use their customer support often but when I have had to, it has been quick, efficient and professional, often dealt with straight away. A month ago, there were problems with my PayPal account preventing me from paying my monthly fees. I let them know and they extended my payment deadline, giving me chance to sort out my PayPal account AND keeping my site online at the same time.
They offer live chat support, support tickets and they also have a knowledgebase and troubleshooter.

Pricing: 8/10
HawkHost’s pricing is very competitive in today’s expensive market. You can get shared hosting for as little as $5.95 per month and a VPS for as little as $18 per month. There is plenty of VFM.

Space: 8/10
There is plenty of space provided with each package e.g. 3GB for their basic shared package which costs just under 6 dollars a month.

Bandwidth: 8/10
There is also enough bandwidth to get along comfortably, providing your site isn’t too large. 30GB are provided with their basic package, more than enough for small sites.

HawkHost are a very good web host, providing cheap, reliable packages for webmasters everywhere, whether you’re running a small or a large site. Their customer support is excellent and there are plenty of features provided such as cPanel and a useful ticket system, all of which add up to provide a very good hosting experience.


Nice review, and nice to see someone following the hosting review guidelines without being asked by a moderator to do so.

I can’t say I’m surprised by the positive nature of this Hawkhost review, as I can’t recall ever reading a substantiated negative one.

hawkhost is never popular in our area.

what is better than hawkhost do you think?

The only other host I’ve used is WebzPro which is also very good, and cheap :slight_smile:

It is a very reputed and trusted web hosting company. The company has numbers of websites hosted on their server. Good company and reputed reviews.