Having trouble with an include

Can someone tell me what I’m doing wrong? It’s not including the contents of newbieWelcome.php


				if ($guideID) {
					print ("<div class='box full single'>");
					print ("The welcome will go here");
					include 'newbieWelcome.php';
					print ("</div>");
					print ("<div class='line margin'></div>");				

Make sure your $guideID is set and there are contents output by newbieWelcome.php

Update your script to something like this might help:

[FONT=Courier New]<?php

if ($guideID) {

print (“<div class=‘box full single’>”);
print (“The welcome will go here”);
include ‘newbieWelcome.php’;
print (“</div>”);
print (“<div class=‘line margin’></div>”);

else echo “No guideID!”;

?> [/FONT]

Or just try throwing some parentheses around the include:

include (“newbieWelcome.php”);

Also, make sure you have the path to the file correct.

I’m inclined to say $guideID doesnt exist; if this is the top few lines of your code, then it’s probably a case of you using an old example which required register_globals to be on (As of 5.4 it defaults to OFF)