Having trouble with a simple redirect

I am not only changing the php that I’m using, but also the variable I am passing in the URL. Can someone help me to see what I’m obviously missing?


Redirect oil-testimonials.com/registerAuthorize.php?uID=32376 to register.php?confirmID=32376

RewriteRule ^registerAuthorize\.php?uID=([0-9]+)$ register.php?confirmID=$1 [R=301,L]


You’ve been here long enough to know better than that! OMG! Expecting to examine the {QUERY_STRING} in a RewriteRule regex - it’ll never happen.

Okay, now that you’ve been properly chastised, please allow me to recommend a review of the tutorial linked in my signature - then look at the examples dealing with query string manipulation.



I’m sorry that I’m not as educated as you are. I did attempt to look at your tutorial and examples and was not able to make sense of it.

Can you please help me DK?


If you attempted to read the tutorial and couldn’t understand parts of it, PLEASE ask questions. I have been here for years and it’s helped members all through those years so you’re the first.

I am willing to help if I know that you’re trying and make an attempt to learn because I will not help “script kiddies” and there have been a few in here that were upset that they didn’t get someone to code for them for free. Just let me know how to help you understand the tutorial so you can be knowledgeable, too.