Having trouble linking material design in c#(WPF)

I am making a wfp dashboard
I have the material desgin pack linked but i am getting a error with the PackIcons.
Error: The name “PackIcon” does not exist in the namespace “http://materialdesigninxaml.net/winfx/xaml/themes”.

Window x:Class="Dashboard1.MainWindow"
        mc:Ignorable="d" Height="600" Width="1024" ResizeMode="NoResize" WindowStartupLocation="CenterScreen" WindowStyle="None">

I have the material desgin pack linked but i am getting a error with the PackIcons.

<Grid Width="35" Height="50" Background="#FF41A43C" HorizontalAlignment="Left" VerticalAlignment="Top" Margin="20 0">
                                    <DropShadowEffect BlurRadius="20" Color="#FFECECEC" RenderingBias="Quality" ShadowDepth="1"/>
                                <materialDesign:PackIcon Kind="Store" HorizontalAlignment="Center" VerticalAlignment="Bottom" Margin="5" Foreground="White" Width="20" Height="20"/>


Did you add a using statement in your code behind? It suggests that the property PackIcon doesn’t exist in the current context.

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Got it working I thought I had the material Design colours and theme pack installed in the packet manger and over looked it
Thanks for your help

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You probably mean the NuGet Package Manager.

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