Having trouble centering website

This is the currently template I’m working on (don’t click on any of the menu links as they will take you to a current template).


In the sitestyle.css, I’m using #wrapper3, #header3, #main3 and #footer3

My screen’s resolution is the 1024x768 and the site centers fine in IE8 and FireFox 3.6.17

My husband’s computer monitor is a touch wider than mine and he has his resolution set much higher. The website does NOT center in Firefox, IE, nor Chrome.

And someone I’m working with on this site is on a Mac using the Safari browser and the site does NOT center for him.

Are there special hacks I need to be placing in my CSS?

In sitestyle.css:



*{margin:0 auto;padding:0;}

Thank you … so far that seems to have worked (Chrome and IE). Am waiting for a response from the Mac/Safari guy.

Yes, I have no Mac to test with, so I always have to operate on faith about what Safari is going to do. I don’t think there’s any good emulator for it under Windows, either.

You can just download a safari browser and install it on your pc.
Safari - Download