Having some trouble with a MYSQL Query

Hey everyone, this problem has brought me to this site so I hope there can be some help and learning found :slight_smile:

Basically, what I have is an older database that I’ve had to transfer over to new sites. We have thousands of entries into one of my tables and I need to change a whole column from 0 to null.

I’m not that much of a novice anymore, and I know how to change all of the column to null, but my problem lies in about 100 scattered entries that I do NOT want to change in this column. My code so far is…

UPDATE database_name.table_name
SET column_name = ‘’
WHERE table_name.column_name = 0;

TL;DR for this, I need to change 900 entries to null without changing 100 entries that are scattered throughout the table.

UPDATE database_name.table_name 
   SET column_name = [B][COLOR="#0000FF"]NULL [/COLOR][/B]
 WHERE column_name = 0

I’m still getting Affected rows: 0 with that query.

okay, please run this and tell me what you get…

  FROM database_name.table_name 
 WHERE column_name = 0