Having problems using hidden fields in forms

I’m trying to pass a value stored in a hidden field in a form over to my php script, but can’t seem to get it to work.

<form action='scripts/proc_email_form.php' method='post' name='form' id='form' accept-charset='utf-8'>
       <input type='hidden' name='unreguser' value='4' id='unreguser' />
       <textarea name='message' rows='8'></textarea>

     <input type='submit' value='Send' />

php script

$unreguser = $_REQUEST['unreguser'];

I have also tried using $_POST

What specifically’s the problem?

Seems like it should work, so there must be something else going on. Could you post more of your PHP?


At the top of that script temporarily add these lines:

var_dump($_POST );
echo '<hr />';

That is where is should appear.

Thanks that helped me find the error. It was grabbing the variable but when I tested it by echo the variable i left off the $ in front of the variable.

Yup, happens all the time. Thanks for taking the trouble to explain to others what the cause was, and what helped you find it.