Having Problem with validator.w3.org Tidy Clean Up

When I use http://validator.w3.org to automatically clean the errors on http://www.strongfamilies.us/participantreg.php, I notice that it removes the Live Help button located at the bottom of the navigational bar to the left. How can I keep the Live Help button from being removed when using the automatic clean up feature? Thanks.

Comment it out <!-- Hide me Baby! –> and the Lint will probably ignore/skip it and so not touch the code. Else download a copy of Tidy or TidyUI itself, etc. Then you can configure some settings instead of using the online version. I am not sure exactly which part of code you meant to hide from the Lint but the theory still applies.

Thank you for your response. How do I go about commenting it out? Thanks.

To comment out something in HTML, use <!-- to start the comment and –> to end the comment.

<!–<p> This will be commented out. </p> –>

The line above shows how to comment out a paragraph.

or as CODER says: <!-- Hide me Baby! –>