Having media outlets mention your website

How do most websites get mention by media outlets such as techcrunch and etc? I know for some of the websites it’s by word of mouth, but there are some websites that would get mention after only being open for a week or two. Do you contact the website and inform them on your website or do you have to get lucky and have a writer come across your website?

I always wonder about this.

Have something worth talking about. Then contact other sites.

Nobody cares if you merely have a site open for business but you. Yes it may be “special,” to you. Yes you may have put effort into it. The question still is “what’s in it for me?”

If you didn’t start developing the site with this question answered beforehand, don’t look to tacking on something after the fact.

i would say good contacts in media can get your site to main stream news. or your site should be something like tc or mashable! remember getting tons of traffic doesnt mean that your site will be mentioned. it should have some factor to shown up to the public.

may be you have to pay them. money always talks better:)