Having links on site professional?

Is it professional to have links on every web page on your business site or does it not matter please?

That depends upon whether you want to be able to navigate back to where you came from using the web page? Though I suspect you meant differing amounts or types of links rather than plain zero.

Yes, not navigational links but rather links to other partner sites?

I’m sure it can be done professionally. If they are business partners, I suppose that would be professional.

It depends what you mean by “does it matter?” Matter for what?

If you are asking if it improves your search engine ranking, then the answer is probably not. Some people think it makes your site look authoritative, and Google likes this, so they will treat your site favourably in search results. But the consensus opinion is that that’s not the case.

However, outward links to relevant sites will be of benefit to your site visitors. And that in turn will improve the quality of your own site.

What you shouldn’t do is to add links just for the sake of it. And certainly don’t be dogmatic about putting a link on every page.


Actually, the only reason I am considering this becuase I was redirected to this site:


from an SEO forum I subscribe to, the referrer says he tried it and got results very quickly for SEO purposes, I contacted Voltrank and I am being told I can do max 10 links per page, reason I inquired here is because the links can be of any site and does not have to be relevant to my site or visitors. So according to the SEO guy this is definitely worth it so with your answer I am now confused on whether to use it or not?

My advice would be not to touch it. It’s basically spammy, it’s designed to fool search engines, and ultimately it won’t bring you any worthwhile traffic.

If you’re concerned about getting links into your own site, the best way to do that is to create a site that others will want to link to - because of its high quality or original and interesting content. Don’t waste your time with these artificial linking methods.


Makes sense, thanks!

It would be pretty unprofessional to have random sets of links to sites you personally have no connection to, and as said above looks spammy.
Your referrer could just as easily be an agent working for voltrank, you have no evidence what he said is true.

I agree, and I can also say that I’ve used Voltrank in the past and did not see any SEO improvement that I would directly attribute to having their links on my site.

As you are asking SEO specific questions, I’m moving this thread over to the SEO forum. :slight_smile: