Having images on the bottom Pin


can you put in code i have error still


I can’t see what that has to do with your original question. :slight_smile:

Please mind what @gandalf458 and @SamA74 urged you to do; fix the html and css first, only then it’s time to fix the php to make it serve the html.


right here is answer echo that and it will be over


You lost me already.

Please forget the php in this thread, we can deal with that later in the php forum!

Next I suggest you make a static html/css page that contains the html. And then post that page here. :slight_smile:

There is no point in asking for help with the php before you know exactly what html it should generate.


i opened db and added this code echo ‘<img class=“comment-avatar pull-left” src="data:jpeg;base64,’.base64_encode($row[‘images’]).’" width=“100” height=“100” margin-right=“465px” float: left; >’;

problem sloved aaded this class was key comment-avatar pull-left


Those two classes were already there in the code that didn’t work. But open the database and add them in an echo was the key to solve your problem?

There you lost me again, I’m afraid I don’t understand what you do. :slight_smile:

You have solved the problem. Thanks for telling. :+1: