Have you found the best blog you personally like?

Each one of us has our own unique taste on what to eat, drink, and specially to read. Now a days blogging is one way of creating some strategies and mostly information to some things we literally unfamiliar with. Right now I am having fun reading about the job blogs, they have a lot of articles to read with and it is actually fun and interesting though they just started creating them last year but hey they have lots of visitors.

It find it cool to read blogs with different genre, really interesting. But I got this favorite genre that I always read which are motivational blogs. I personally like pickthebrain.com. I really like their articles there as well with leo babauta blogs.

Well personally my favorite blog is Boston+Big Picture the way they present the every important of the world is awesome. By visiting Boston+Big picture you will understand what is really meant by " A picture worths Thousand words"

That’s pretty nice, I somehow found another blog pictures and I love them very much.

I like reading articles. My favorite blog is freelancefolder.com. It gives me tips and useful topics about writing and how to freelance.

Sorry guys, but it looks like this thread is going to degenerate into another “list it” thread.
This forum is for discussing putting content on your blog, not for discussing your favorites.

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