Have you ever had to start over?

Have you ever had to start over in life? By starting over I mean in a career. What have you done to start over again? How old were you when you had to start over?

For me…everyday is like starting over :slight_smile:

Yes, I have. When I moved to another country 14 years ago. I did find work again in the same industry, but I guess you could call it a new career start.

You could say I’m doing it right now. But I don’t want to tell the story of my life. It is too sad even for me :lol:

I had quite a few start overs in my life…staring from competing for joint entrance(Medical) and then taking accountancy in graduation after which doing Majors in HR management .(its jack of all trades but master of none)Then becoming a full fledged homemaker and Ive presently started my internet business and hopefully I stick to this.:wink:

It’s always great to hear of each individual’s successful start over in life. I hope to hear of many in this thread.

I wouldn’t technically say “had to”, but yes. A couple times. I originally went to school for mechanical engineering. I had told my guidance counselor in high school that I wanted to be a car designer, and that was the program she said I needed to be in. Took me 2 years to figure out I was in the wrong program. Doh! So I quit that and switched to fine arts. Took computer science for fun (been programming since I was 8). Did that for a couple years, and finally switched to architecture, cause it was creative and would make use of most of my studies to date. That’s what I got my degree in.

So I was just out of college and working as a peon at an architecture firm for a couple years, and I made the decision that I was in the wrong field. I had just been laid off, and I had been playing around with Flash and HTML for a few months. So I decided to look for a job in the booming web industry. Without even much to show, I got a job making 50% more money than I had as an architect! Never looked back. That was 1999, and I was 25. :slight_smile:

yes, went to university and did electronic engineering, which ended up never getting used for much as became a nightclub manager and got involved in the music industry, before a timely shift (in relation to declining opportunities and decreasing income in the recording industry) into design which lead on to the design and development work I do now.

Many times I started over again. I was bored of what I was doing. Stoped and wait for a wile and started everything again. At first I was 24 years old. Now I’m planning to do it again.

Everyday is starting over in my life, We can perform better than last day.

I’ve so far worked in operations in a telecom company; as an editor in a publishing house and now an affiliate manager in an affiliate network. Everytime is like something totally new. It’s exciting but when you get older, i feel the pressure of finding something that could last longer…