Have you been ruled out by a potential client because you don't have Hosting for their App?

I’m wondering if there it is common for clients that are looking for a complete project to be created by a freelance/consultant, to be seeking the “full solution”, which includes not only a website, but hosting provided for them.

I’ve been a web developer in 9 to 5 positions only so far, in the last 15 years, and am ready to join the world of being a business-owner as a web solution provider, and am wondering how common it would be for clients to expect me to provide them a hosting solution in addition to a web app/site and then charge them monthly for whatever solution I find for them.

That would mean I’d have to buy a re-hosting solution from a place like digital ocean or rackspace, etc. and then maintain them for an indefinite amount of time.

I’d prefer them to have their own hosting provided but figured i’d ask current freelancers/business owners on this forum.

Personally I prefer to host the sites I create. That way I have better control over the sites. A few years ago I had a client site I had created but didn’t host, hacked. On investigation I discovered it was running a really old version of PHP and the host was “unable” to upgrade to the current version or install a suitable firewall.

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I think it will depend on the types of web sites being built. If you are building small sites that can easily be uploaded to share server then maybe not so much. However, if you are building web applications in the cloud than the client would expect you to manage the cloud infrastructure. For example, building a social media site that scales to hundreds of concurrent users is very different from a static site and would require the infrastructure as part of the solution being provided. Also by providing hosting you would be free to automate deployments any way you see fit using continuous integration pipelines for larger projects that needed it.

Appreciate the feedback. That makes sense. I suppose if i were serious about going independent, I’dbe someone who earns plenty of income to maintain a professional-level hosting as a monthly expense.

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