Have you accomplished your life goals?

[SIZE=“4”][FONT=“Book Antiqua”]30 years ago today John Lennon was killed. I was 20 at the time. I think how fast the last 30 years went. I am frightened to think how much faster the next 30 years will go. I will be 80 if I am blessed enough to live that long!! Wow! Half my life is over! I think to myself, have I accomplished everything I thought I was supposed to accomplish? Let’s see, I’m married and I am a father. Those are the most important things, it’s true. But what about the rest of my legacy? Have I accomplished what I was told I should accomplish artistically? Have I reached the heights of what my ego pined for? If not do I have enough time to accomplish those goals? I hope so. Because I surely have not reach the heights of success I thought I was supposed to reach. Or, just perhaps, I should enjoy each day thanking God I am healthy and of stable mind.

So I ask you; have you accomplished your life goals yet? If you were to go to the big SitePoint in the sky, would you leave this earth feeling assured that you left behind the legacy you feel you deserve?[/FONT][/SIZE]

did you know that lennon only ever ate broccoli?

it’s too bad he never gave peas a chance …


I’m not done yet…I’m still cooking :cool:

nup, not yet :headbang:

I’m still trying to work out this rubik’s cube thingy :smashy:

I’m trying to get it off my bucket list :lol:

My list of goals keep changing. Some goals, I throw them to the rubbish bin. Some goals, once achieved, no longer enthusiastic to continue. Some goals, still working hard on them. :slight_smile:

I have accomplished things, but haven’t accomplished what I want in life. I’m still looking forward that someday, I will be able to, and still young.

Since I’m still here typing, of course I have … :slight_smile:

I haven’t accomplished my life goals yet, I’ve only had 33 years trying to work out what they are.

May be John Lennon was aware of the fact that Broccoli is much beneficial then peas. Specially for men.

i don’t think you understood the joke


No, and I don’t think it’s even possible. It would be possible if you could set all your goals early and for the rest of your life. But how can you do it when each goal depends on those you’ve already accomplished?

After you accomplish one goal you start working on the next and so forth, you can’t run out of them, life is too short for that.

But at some point you may say, “that’s it, I’ve done all I wanted to do, now I’m so tired”. That means you’ve run out of time. You lay down and die. Game over. :smiley:

working on it :slight_smile:

Yeap. But I also let others guys score. Football is a team game.

letting the other team score isn’t part of any kind of football i’ve ever seen

oh wait, the detroit lions …

No, no, no, no…

I’m talking about my team mates. I gave them the opportunity to catch the spot light, scoring goals.

And, I’m talking about REAL FOOTBALL. You know, like the one where you use your FOOT to control a BALL :wink:

You are talking about American rugby, also known as American football :slight_smile: Which is wrong, 'cos you rarely see a foot kicking a ball. Well, a real ball, that is :lol:

As much I enjoy kicking a ball, I enjoy even more kicking my goals !!! :rofl:

My goal in life is actually to live without the crutch of goals, so no I haven’t achieved it…