HasLayout... what is it good for!?

My Most self explanatory post title to date!

I had always thought HasLayout was often invoked to solve a myriad of mysterious display problems in IE. Often coders will state they declare float, zoom, height, width properties to prevent IE’s this or IE’s that. So i had come to believe that HasLayout was a “fix” to IE’s oddities. Sometimes if I found a weird bug in IE my first try was to add zoom:1 to the declaration.

But a few days ago I had posted a question about an IE behaviour when using nested floats, (http://www.sitepoint.com/forums/showthread.php?t=696983), a behaivour which was described as being caused by HasLayout. So now I am left wondering if HasLayout is not the Panacea I thought it to be and actually the cause of some buggy behaivour in IE as well as the fix.

IE layout is buggy behaviour. HasLayout is part of the problem as well as part of the solution. Elements react to CSS differently depending on whether or not they HaveLayout. Sometimes, their behaviour when they Don’tHaveLayout is wrong, and so you need to GiveThemLayout to fix it. But sometimes their Don’tHaveLayout behaviour is right, and so GivingThemLayout breaks them.

I hope that is suitably explanatory :slight_smile:

Thanks, Stevie. It, does, confirm confirm what I thought