Has Google Crawled Website PR?

Hi all, As i know Google has not crawled PR of websites since April 2010. Am i right? If Google has crawled websites PR after April, can any one mention the date and its effect? Thanks in advance

  1. Google doesn’t crawl PR, it calculates PR and chooses to update the displayed PR on the toolbar.
  2. Any changes would depend on the individual page and be one of the following: up, down, same.

Hi all, As i know Google has not crawled PR of websites since April 2010. Am i right?

No, you are not. PR of many websites has been altered since April.

If Google has crawled websites PR after April, can any one mention the date and its effect? Thanks in advance

I don’t think that is possible. Google doesn’t announce any PR update. AFAIK, PR update is a continuous process. Since, your PR hasn’t updated you can’t think that google didn’t update PR :slight_smile: You have to keep in mind that their is millions of web pages out their.

I believe that it will be useful to you googlepagerankupdate.com
And there are a lot of guessing in the internet about next PR update

Google updates PR every day on a continuous basis and that PR is incorporated into the ranking algorithm every single day. This happens to every site.

Google have probably decided that PR is being abused too much (even in the version they publish which has almost all of the useful information removed from it) and so have decided to let the info become even more outdated before they make it available than they used to.

In Recent months, Google calculates only the PR of good sites… I mean, sites with good content… not blogs with copied or syndicated contents… Google is too strict nowadays…

One of my sites gets crawled very often. I can post new material and it is in Google’s search results within an hour (sometimes minutes).

The page ranking is extremely complex, and relies on a lot of input.

It is not all algorithms and digital, some of it is actually reviewed by humans.

Google does try to take a proactive approach in evaluating ranking of blogs and websites but they also consider the revenues (their profits).

This is why a site may have a ranking of 0 or even “unranked” and have traffic that is off the charts, or a site that has a ranking of 6 or 7 and the traffic is less than 400,000.

If your site is “respected” and has a ranking of 4 or above, with decent traffic, then you can expect to be crawled by the Google bot every week.

If you have to know when Google crawls your site there are scripts that you can add that will reflect this information. Many forums have this displayed in real time on the forum.

Raief.com has had a ranking of 4 with Google for almost 2 years and every once in awhile it will go to 5, but within a day it will go back to 4.

This is because of the advertising on the site, not the content, but the traffic is over 20,000 Uniques in 30 days.

If a site gets huge traffic but is basically commercially oriented it will not receive as high of a Google ranking.

If is a site is purely educational or beneficial then it will probably receive a high Google ranking and less traffic.

There are exceptions to this of course. News sites, social network sites, and popular celebrity sites, are exceptions that come to mind.

Google does rank sites that are blogs and are syndicated sites. Whoever, (Jun Valasek), said this, does not know much about ranking and Google.

Google tries to sort the content of sites and weigh the flow of traffic to it, to get a measurement.

Example: A high traffic porn site.
This site receives traffic that is off the charts in comparison to my artificial flower site but its Google ranking is 0 and my site is ranked 2.

Now, are you beginning to understand what elements are involved in search engine ranking?

It is possible to have an unranked site or a site with a low rank but that has high traffic volume and make money.

It is also equally possible to have a site ranked at 7 and not make enough to pay for the hosting.

So do not spend all of your time in ranking unless you care about your facade more than your wallet.

Google does rank all sites and blogs. That is how they decide which sites to drop from their search engine index.

If you have a site that is making Google money, you do not have to be worried about ranking as long as you are receiving traffic, and Google is getting a good share of the profit from it.

Thanks all of you.Now i am confirmed Google has not updated PR of website since 2 April 2010.Just waiting for new PR crawl.

My site has no PR but still on top of search result using a very competitive keyword so I don’t care about the PR…

Now the importance is been given to content and popularity of website. If the content is informative, it ranks well in a very short time. i have experimented this and has passed on some good benefits to my websites.

Who cares if Google does or doesn’t calculate PR often. Google PR is completely irrelevant. You should ignore it, and start focusing on other things.

Here’s some reasons page rank is completely stupid:

  1. We’re marketers. If we can’t track it, we shouldn’t be wasting our time with it.
  2. Page rank has absolutely nothing to do with ranking.
  3. Even GOOGLE says page rank is irrelevant - http://sites.google.com/site/webmasterhelpforum/en/faq--crawling--indexing---ranking#pagerank (I hope I don’t get in trouble for posting that link - I have NOTHING to do with that website…)