Has anyone used Fiverr to increase social reach?

Fiverr is one tool that can help increase the followers and likes on Twitter and Facebook. I would like to know from the users of Fiverr if it is really effective in increasing the followers and likes on social platforms and if yes, do they really get engaged in sharing and reading posts or is it that fiverr simply increases the numbers of followers and likes?

I suppose it depends on what you buy. If you’re thinking of picking up 500 fans for $5 or something run for the hills, when you get there think about what that would actually mean, and spend the $5 on a cookie and a coke. You need interested people, not more people and in fact, more names for the sake of names actually works against you killing your relevancy scores.

On the other hand if you’re able to find someone talented and efficient you may be able to get some related content services for pretty cheap… $5 isn’t much and you shouldn’t put too much weight on the return but for a short post, some tips & tricks, it’s certainly possible.

It is good to use as many sources as possible. But overall I don’t think that fiverr will get you too many returns. You are better off learning how to maximize other available sources.

Never used it, but I will be using it soon for a website. The other alternative virtual sales person solutions cost some serious money, and the clients rather part with $5.

I have used a few gigs from fiverr to increase the social signals for my sites. Most accounts from google+, facebook and so are created by robots and not active. Plus I like to make the social interactions on my site look natural. So if I get 2000 facebook likes in one night and never again then it going to look suspicious. There are websites out there that provides social likes exchange eg socialclerks where you like other peoples sites in exchange for points and they’ll like yours. It’s a bit of work but definitely make things look natural and the accounts are active since people are using to likes other webistes.

Having real people or accounts that look active is still no good. If you’re buying “likes” of any sort you are not getting relevant connections and that means your overall relevancy [EdgeRank on Facebook] will suffer decreasing the visibility of your posts to all your “fans”. This happens even if you just have a few thousand fans and it’s not a matter of a few people… as a page drops down we’re talking 75, 60, even 80% of people not seeing your posts.

Social is about engaging – you know actually interacting with people – buying a higher counter does nothing to help that or improve your results.

All those gigs they only make you look more popular, they can actually help you, especially when you start as it may be difficult for people to trust your facebook page/twitter account if you have absolutely no like or followers.

How do you account for the negative impact of engagement scores to your post visibility or the fact that well over 90% of page activity is via the wall – where you count never shows up?

Most times when you buy like from fiverrr you will receive bots, but i still think its better to have a page with 500 fake likes than 50 real. Look much more proffessional when someone new visits your page
Just my opinion

Fake numbers might make you look more popular but they don’t work to make you look more professional. If the best tool you have available to build your business is to try to fool your customer’s with something fake, you don’t have much of a business anyway.

It is one of the best and cheap site if you have something to outsource. I’ve used pinterest many times. Once I’ve bought a gig for increasing the like on my YouTube Video. Thus I got 1000+ likes and my total youtube viewers of that video increased to 6000 within a month.

Later I’ve bought another gig to get more like+retweet+SU+digg (in a single gig). But it was a crash. This does not increase my traffic. A-listed bloggers like Daniel Scocco of DailyBlogTips.com also use pinterest to get more likes. So it is worth trying.

Do they really get engaged, read the post??
No, if you want to get more likes, say 1000, they simply like it and not engaged on it. It simply increase the number of followers. It also help to get more traffic due to viral effects and sometime it may be a real crash. Anyway, it is all about $5 and it is definitely worth a try.

If you are looking to get more likes on your facebook page, I could say that it would be a big crash. Facebook fans should be engaged on your page. Number won’t make you rich.

I’m surprised that this thread is alive again. Anyway, I haven’t tried Fiverr gigs at all. About increasing your social reach, wouldn’t it be a better idea if you’re going to engage with the people by sharing potentially viral content to them? The number of likes you get won’t matter if only a few of those are the ones who are really engaging with you. Another thing: making the followers reply with their contact details as a part of a contest doesn’t count as engagement. Opening a conversation wherein you allow the people to share whatever they want to share about the topic counts as a form of engagement.

Yes, i have tried this.not so good.but not bad too.
because something is better than nothing.

frankly i tried using fiverr for gaining more traffice on my site, but it didn’t seem to pay off although it was only 5 bucks but still feel like it was a rip off

we don’t get quality visitors form fiverr

i tried fiverr in order to write articles for my site.
i was very clear in my request and also chose to work with people who looked to me very trustful.
it’s important, before order anything from fiverr, to read the feedbacks of the seller and also to talk with him through messages and explain him/her what you want with full details.

I myself have experienced the good and bad of Fiverr. I would never use seo services there but videos and design can be a winner.

I’ll never use Fiverr or his similar services for a real company’s page.

After all, you won’t have who to engage whatsoever, just fake numbers.
I would invest a few good bucks in a facebook PPC campaign, and get real people that way.

I used fiverr to increase my twitter followers, needless to say, as every kind of “increase your twitter/facebook fans/followers” it is always some cheap scam as the followers are usually bots of some kind. Though if you’re wanting to give off an impression you’re bigger than you are, it’s the thing to do.