Has anyone used AspDotNetStorefront?

Hi. I am planning to build a site to sell aftermarket parts in an automotive category. There will potentially be 4,000 plus parts.

I will be setting up and managing the store. I am not a coder and have no real design skills. I have been in internet marketing for some time, though, so a little better skilled than your average person on the street.

I am looking at aspdotnetstorefront and magento at the moment. aspdotnetstorefront seems very feature rich out of the box, is affordable, and they have a partner that has sells features for the automotive industry (for example a make/model/year search add-on). But I wonder why it doesn’t have a larger user base. You never hear about it …

Also considering Magento. It has a make/model/year ajax search add-on and is extremely extensible. I have heard, however, it has a very difficult back end, custom development is expensive because it is so difficult or arduous, and that it is slow. The paid versions are ridiculously expensive in my opinion. The community version seems very stripped down. I wonder- how many add-ons would I need to run an automotive parts store? But then it seems that everyone loves Magento- certainly is growing …

I would appreciate any advice or input anyone may have. Thank you!

Hello stephanie_maria, I believe we have a solution just for you!

I work with Compunix and we believe AspDotNetStorefront is a GREAT platform if you want a serious website like automotive!

With that said, we have an Automotive Package built on top of the AspDotNetStorefront platform available on our <snip/> site. This is a complete automotive solution made to handle some serious amount of product and Make/Model/Year data!


I would love to get a chance at working with an AspDotNetStorefront website!

Probably the best part about it, is that you can manage several stores from one backend. So you can open a store just for wheels, and one just for accessories and manage everything from one admin area.

AspDotNetStorefront is probably not very popular, it is expensive, but like I said, I would love to get a chance to lay may capable hands on it.


-Daniel O.
eCommerce Developer

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