Has anyone tried zeriouz?

I came across this link in someone’s sig and it looked pretty promising, so I was wondering if anyone has tried it out? It’s called zeriouz (http://www.zeriouz.com). It looks sort of like it would work something like Google adsense, but your link would appear in each person who used your site to sign up for zeriouz.

It has promise, but I’m just wondering if anyone has actually used it and if it is as legit as it sounds, or if it’s something black hat.

Also, if I’m not mistaken, this would likely generate more in the way of inbound links then it would for PR, correct? Since it is unlikely many of the sites linking to you will be directly related to your content.

Soon, zeriouz will have a category and subcategory structure within the moderation list. That way, when people come to the website and have a website about cars – and if their referrers links aren’t about cars, the person can moderate those particular links – to increase relevancy.

zeriouz is only days old right now, but give it a month and there will be sites from every category you can think of to choose from. The system is white hat, and improvements are being made right now to ensure that all links, are related – and if they aren’t, that the site owner can moderate them so that they are related.


I see that your kind of “advertising” zeriouz so I can’t take your testament as 100% point-blank, but I do believe what you are saying is pretty much the truth. I don’t think I’m ready to try it on my major sites yet, but some of my side sites I may test-drive it and if it works out well further it’s use as it does seem to be a really good idea and method.

Well, once I get this proper categorization implemented, the whole system will work a lot better. The sites will be much more related. That is the only real flaw at this moment … that the moderation list that’s there now is lacking. However, it’s not really a “flaw” per se – at least it’s not permanent… it will be fixed in days. I am just struggling with the coding a little is all.

Once the new categorization (for the moderation list) has been implemented websites will start “naturally” flowing in a “related” sequence. ie: a UFO website that is displaying zeriouz code will attract someone else who has a UFO website. Then, when someone else wants to join, they might might moderate a link out and replace it with a UFO website. So in the end the progression will result in higher relevancy.

Basically, the short version of all that is that as the site gets larger and older, the relevancy will become more targeted. I am doing everything I possibly can to ensure relevancy. That is key – and that is everyone’s main objection. However, in “weeks” that will no longer be an issue, and the resolution to that objection will begin in “days” from now.

MrLen is it your website? If so pls pm as I am confused how it works.

Yes it’s my site mate.

I have created an information center now and you can find all the information there:


Just advertising…

This thread is #1 on Google for “zeriouz”, my website name.

I know that a lot of people who are interested in my website will type: “zeriouz” into Google and find this thread.

Therefore, I just want to state that zeriouz is still running, and no one has been banned. No one is ever going to be banned, because all the links are “nofollow”. zeriouz wasn’t designed to manipulate search engines or PR.

zeriouz now has over 100,000 links and it’s going strong.

Also, in response to Vilice – when you say “just advertising”, what did you mean? I’ve seen this thread many times over the past 2 years, and I’ve always wondered what you meant. I guess you probably wont remember now anyway.

and samanime, this is absolutely not a black hat website. It’s totally legitimate. For anyone else that find this thread through Google (and I know a lot of people will), please take a proper look at my website. Don’t think the worst. If you have questions ask me.