Has anyone here used jumpfly?

Hi, I was just wondering has anyone use or is using jumpfly?

what is that? never heard of it

It’s a business where they help you manage and help optimize your yahoo, google etc campaigns, (if i said that correctly, im pretty much new to all this stuff, but i so happen to see them Online, and was wondering if anyone used thier services)

I attempted to use them after receiving a referral from an associate.

A secretary answered the phone, asked what my budget monthly for PPC was- ($1500) and said someone would get back to me.

No one at Jumpfly did. I can understand that every business needs threshholds and perhaps mine was below theirs- but the failure to provide the common courtesy of a response is inexcusable.

Hello, I am the main JumpFly sales guy and I was out with a new baby for the past 3 weeks. We have been exceptionally busy due to MSN’s recent departure from Yahoo Search Marketing. As a result, sales was neglected in my absence. When too busy, our focus is to help the clients we do have before looking to take on new clients. I apologize that someone else did not return a courtesy call sooner. Please feel free to contact me directly with any questions. Yahoo, Google AdWords & MSN AdCenter all have different platforms that are constantly evolving. We have close relationships with all three of these companies, which enables our experienced account managers to stay on top of changes as they occur, and helps ensure our clients continue to maximize their online marketing efforts.

Best regards,

Brad Garlin