Has anyone come across good website hosts in the UK for this?

Have now had a chnace to fully update the list of requirements, just in case it helps anyone here to give other ideas.

  • The hosts servers must be physically based in the UK
  • Over 99% uptime
  • Hosting 40 websites
  • Anonymous servers/IP’s
  • Very quick email support and livechat - both with people who will communicate intelligently in English.
  • Email support 24/7/365, without the time-consuming need to login onto a website and submit tickets!
  • Total of 30Gb diskspace
  • Total of 150Gb bandwidth
  • up to 6 MySQL databases
  • Able to use PHP includes on all the domains, from and to other internal and external websites. This is a critical point.
  • Don’t want my emails to be blacklisted due to someone else’s domain. This is a critical point.
  • Monthly fees to be collected, automatically by credit card.
  • One of the websites is a forum (PHPBB3) with about 4,000 quite active users - what guarantees can be given that none of them will experience any problems on the hosting transfer.
  • The ability to setup my own crons.
  • I need to have access to my .htaccess files
  • Will occasionally need a hand with coding issues, nothing too onerous, just little things that I may not have the skill to do.
  • Automatic free daily backups of everything of mine that is hosted with the hosts, including MySQL databases.
  • Can pay up to £120pm for this.