Has any One Used State Bank Buddy App


Can any one please advise that the App providing by SBI, Buddy app is treatable… ?
Kindly advice the pros and cons.

Welcome to the forums, @andrewsimond.

I’ve temporarily unlisted your topioc, as your question is far from clear and looks more like an advertisement than a genuine question.

Please explain more clearly what you want to know. (And please read the FAQs, which explain what we do and don’t allow here. Advertising is not allowed in any form.)

I am looking the security of the application…

To be clear, you’re asking about State Bank Buddy?

Yes Exactly…

OK - I’ve relisted the topic.

(For future reference, please try to explain your question clearly. Give full information, and don’t use abbreviations which may not be understood, or may mean different things in different countries. )

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