Hard drive teardown

this informational video is absolutely fascinating …

Hard drive teardown (YouTube)

i’m surprised these things work as reliably as they do – spinning like mad, recording and reading megabits upon megabits, month after month, year after year…

Fortunately mechanical Hard Drives are hopefully going the way of the Floppy Disc. With SSDs becoming more and more powerful and cheaper and cheaper only people with hardcore data needs will be using mechanical ones anymore, perhaps as part of as NAS with RAID1 as the lifetime of SSDs are the main thing holding them back.

Oh, it makes me yearn for the olden days, when in one 5MB drive unit there was a rag tied around fluid leak in the hydraulic actuator. :slight_smile:

Lifetime, capacity, and price are all factors.

Performance is the only clear gain–however this degrades depending on usage and the amount of data being stored.

Reliability can be another advantage to a point (until a solid baseline on life expectancies are established), as SSDs are not subject to many forms of mechanical failure which HDDs can experience.