Hard drive goes crazy when in 3d mode

When I go to the maze in threed (bottom left) and zoom in (top right) my hard drive goes crazy and my pc slows, yet there’s very few images on it.

Any idea why?

http://www.mashupmaze.com/didj/white/2-1-1-0#p_top (very early development)


EDIT: Sorry, Chrome and Safari only for 3d mode

Keep an eye on your RAM – what it sounds like is you don’t quite have enough and you are paging to disk, making “hard drive go crazy.”

Thanks. I noticed that when the window is reduced it takes less RAM and does a lot less paging. (Not sure if I’ve phrased that right)

I’ve been trying to think of an algorithm to reduce the amount of walls and only show part of the maze. I’ve been thinking of either having a set radius of walls or trying to work out which walls were visible from the current position. The ‘within radius’ one seems to be simpler but I think I would be more restricted. It would also allow faster turning I think.

If I were to go with the ‘within radius’ I would have two options. (that I can think of). Have the elements of possible walls showing, and changing the outer circumference walls visibilty/innerHTML or building and removing the elements. Any tips?

What I’d like is only one large maze that users help build. The movement is controlled by the server so it’s a bit harder to cheat and I can have multiple users showing in the maze.

Any suggestions on concerving RAM?