Happy Star Wars day

Happy Star Wars day y’all!

We’re about to watch one.


Is it happy because you’re going to watch a Start Wars movie? Or is it really a thing? I mean, nowdays there’s a special day for every single thing… so who knows… :rofl:

So when is “Thallius” day? :grin:

It is indeed!


The things you learn here on Sitepoint :rofl:

I didn’t have a clue… Then I guess I’ll have to make time to get some popcorn and watch a Star Wars movie :smiley:

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@molona, molona, molona…I expected better from my SP twin :lol:

There is a whole history to the day. There are sales for it (of course) - I got a Yoda t-shirt last year, which I get compliments on ALL the time. It’s a thing…