Happy Halloween SitePoint!

Happy Halloween!! :pumpkin: :witch:

What will your Halloween festivities be today? We’ll be getting alot of trick or treaters coming to our door later tonight - but fear not! Sweeties are at the ready!! phew

I suppose it’s more of a time for kiddies I guess with their costumes and games like bobbing for apples or finding the ring in the bareen brack!! But I do suspect that like myself there are those of you out there who still love this time of the year and make the most of it! :wink:

So what is it like in your neck of the woods? Did you carve a pumpkin? Let’s see it! Do you put up decorations? Tell us your spooky stories! (additional respect points for something scary) :stuck_out_tongue:

Days like these make me wish I lived in a 20-storey apartment or better so that I didn’t have to get bothered every five minutes.

I feel totally indifferent towards Halloween. It means zero, nil, nada to me.

Alas, I live in a house and kids stop by every few minutes until midnight. I’ve bought sweets for €20,00 and I think it still might not be enough. :frowning:

If you dare not open the door, you end up with the front of your house covered in smear and weird sticky spray. Bah.

Oh hai non-PHP forum. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thankfully, my wife runs a sweet (candy) shop so we use the opportunity to pass out loads sweets to the locals. We’re also blessed with a pretty nice, well mannered, neighbourhood - which usually means all our ‘visitors’ are folk we know.

These should be an adequate amount to bribe the little terrors. :smiley:

til midnight Maleika? Jeeze the cut off point here is anywhere between 9pm & 10pm - most kids “real kids” are in bed at that time!! You get the ocassional teenager going around but IMO they are just too big for all that trick or treating - especially if there are a big group of them, they can be quite intimidating plus they sometimes come around twice grrrr - if you don’t give anything they don’t retaliate in my neighbourhood thankfully - I guess if they did then yeah it would be war! :rolleyes: €20 on sweets? Jeeze that’s a lot - you must have tons of sweets?!

@Anythony - GC suits you :stuck_out_tongue: I was going to say OMG when I saw that pic until I read about your wife :lol: wow yes quite the upper hand you have there over all us mere mortals at this time of the year but goodluck getting rid of those jelly beans :nono: eehew! :stuck_out_tongue:

For those of you who didn’t do a pumpkin this year I’ll share mine :pumpkin: I’ve just carved it, what do you think? Scary or what!!! :stuck_out_tongue: Btw, I forgot just how blooming stinky those pumpkins were… Pew!!! :shifty:

Is that you? aah… it’s a pumpkin… :stuck_out_tongue:

No, just a pack of chewing gum. :rolleyes:



Just being an idiot. Here, for you from the heart: :for_you:

That’ll be another €20,00 please. :smiley:

Sweets are expensive here. Heck, everything is expensive here. I’d say I bought around 6 pounds of candy.

@crazy :lol: close…very close - I don’t look much different, maybe even a bit more orangey :smiley:

@Maleika :rolleyes: now don’t start!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow @ 6lbs!! That’s a lot of candy! If you spent €20 on sweeties here you’ll have a whole truck load of sweeties - I thought you had LIDL or ALDI over there too? They’re very good for stuff like that!

Jeez, you cant win! :stuck_out_tongue:


@AnthonySterling: is being informed by @AndreaSterling that’s socially unacceptable to be standing outside his house waiting to give sweets to children.

Yes, we do have those here but they were too far away. :stuck_out_tongue:

Why the angry face for the thread title?

@AnthonySterling: is being informed by @AndreaSterling that’s socially unacceptable to be standing outside his house waiting to give sweets to children.

I guess it depends on what you’re wearing. :shifty:

Well, you’re right, it’s about context. :smiley:

The wife made me bag up about ~30 bags of sweets for the visiting children, this took about 1 hour.

We watched through the window, an almost unending chain of children work their way down the street. Visiting each of our neighbours, greeting them with a rather loud ‘TRICK OR TREAT!’ as they opened their door.

Like a poor thriller movie, they gradually, got closer and closer, louder and louder… :shifty:

Only to bloody bypass our house all together! :headbang:

Every single bloody one of them.

Despite me going to the door to try and entice them back, said wife, advised it may not be a good idea. You know, actually coaxing children back to your house on the promise of sweets. :rolleyes:


I would’ve ran out to the street and started throwing the candy at them buggers. :smiley:

Yeah. I was just wondering the exact same thing.

Well, I’m an apt. guy, so no kids.
I wonder how many budding young gangsters got their psychological start on our “society sanctioned bullying day”?

These days I just love candy at 70% off for the next week.

Halloween, me and the wife hide up stairs with all the lights off down stairs to fool the brats cough the little angels :angel:

:lol: spence - yeah it’s not everyone’s cup of tea - I saw a few neighbours close their blinds for the night earlier than usual :smiley:

@Saul & BLZ - I was wondering who would pick up on that :stuck_out_tongue: It was the only one that looked a bit scary plus I’m peeved that I’m all grown up now and I miss all the trick or treating :rolleyes:

@Maleika - Jeeze you little lazy thing, how far is too far? :stuck_out_tongue: Btw, did your €20 last you til midnight or did you turn into a :pumpkin: :smiley:

@Anthony - You’re wife is probably right, strange though that the kids passed by - perhaps it’s those jelly beans afterall - who eats those anyway? :smiley: :nono:

Happy Halloween to everyone. I hope all of you had good time

Did anyone go to a Halloween Party???