Happy Birthday YuriKolovsky

I know that this would be much more flatering if it came from Paul O’Brien yet…

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday, Timo!

Happy Birthday Tim. :smiley:

Can’t believe I missed this…
Better late than never, thanks all! :smiley:

Tim, next time Nuria will have to use use of those @ to grab your attention.

@xhtmlcoder yeah, I see lots of new fancy updates have been done to sitepoint since a couple of months ago.

@Timo !

Where have you been?

He’s been hibernating.

Tim these guys have been @ at the wrong person @YuriKolovsky ; is whom they should be tagging it requires a semicolon to function at its best (;). >;-)

yep, thats why it never notified me :slight_smile:
yes, I hibernate now and then, you have to “wake me up” and I’ll act like nothing ever happened.

Many many Happy Birthday to you from the core of my soul.