Happy Birthday, ronpat!

Happy Birthday @ronpat! :hbday: :sparty:

I hope it’s purr-fect in every way, with plenty of (fish)cake. :bday:

Happy Birthday, Sir Ron!

Thanks for the wishes, guys :slight_smile:

I have to admit that icing and candles on fishcake has never crossed my mind. I’ll not be able to look at fishcakes again without smiling. :slight_smile:


Happy Birthday (I somehow missed this earlier). Hope you had a good day.

Thanks, cpradio! You probably noticed from my last post, I didn’t see this thread until more than 14 hours after TechnoBear started it. My internal clock ticks to a different drummer, so for me, the day is yet very young. It should be good :slight_smile:

Happy Birthday Ron !!

We both have similar “inner clocks”, me from having worked second shift for many years and I’ve never “reset”.

I’m EST but my schedule is more in tune with AKST

:lol: At least it’s predictable :slight_smile:

I worked a night shift for about 7 years and completely enjoyed it. It must have been a “natural” fit. I never enjoyed the daytime routines of scheduled lunches, breaks, meetings, etc. I prefer to work without interruptions.

Nowadays, without a “routine” or schedule to follow, my “clock” tends to drift rather radically at times. When the sky is heavily overcast, I can be uncertain whether it’s morning or evening when I awaken. :stuck_out_tongue: I set my electronic clocks to display 24 hour time years ago to minimize that dilemma. And don’t ask me the day of the week or date. :lol:

The day is easy enough. If the coalman comes, it’s Thursday. If the binmen call, it’s Friday. It must be Wednesday if the library van is around … :slight_smile: But as for the date? Nah - I have to set my desktop to display that for me or I’m lost. :o

Happy Birthday Ron!
Hope it’s a good 'un.

You have a coalman??

How else would she power her computer?


A big, windy-upy handle sticking out of the side?

I think a windmill should be a viable eco-friendly solution.

Yep - I find it easier than going down the mine myself. :stuck_out_tongue:

(There’s no gas supply here, and given the number of power cuts we have in an average winter, it’s madness to rely on electricity for heat and hot water. :))

One of Running Bear’s bicycles hooked up so I can exercise at the same time…:shifty:

Running Bear has a wind-up radio and a wind-up MP3 player. They’re great. :slight_smile:

It would. Unfortunately, they’re expensive to install for domestic use. :frowning: We did at one time think of buying a small, portable wind-powered charger for gadgets, but somewhat to our surprise we manage to keep things charged most of the year round by solar power. Kobo e-readers, mobile phone, MP3 player, digital radio - amazing. :slight_smile:

Can’t believe that I missed this thread and now I’m so late… but happy belated birthday anyway :smiley:

I still wish you the best even if it is 48 hours later than it should :slight_smile:

Your good wishes make my un-birthday the best ever!

Cheers, lady :slight_smile:

Thanks, Pullo. I’m approaching the age where I’m delighted to be celebrating another’n. :stuck_out_tongue:

Happy Birth + 3 day !!! :smiley:

I’ll take that and have another piece of :bday:
Thanks very much, Guido. :slight_smile: