Happy Birthday rguy84

@rguy84; You’ve been a member for just a few years only. I know you’re too new to the forums, almost a stranger :stuck_out_tongue: but I want to wish you a happy birthday nevertheless :smiley:

May your day be filled with joy and happiness… and of dreams that come true

Happy birthday! :bday:

Happy birthday Ryan, good to see you back around too.
@molona; you make me smile :slight_smile:

Thanks for the compliment :slight_smile: Not sure if Ryan will see this by himself :shifty: but the good will is there even if he doesn’t :smiley:

Ryan have a great day and make a wish when you blow-out the candles. :slight_smile:

Happy Birthday! :hbday:

Happy Birthday @rguy84;!!

Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday To You :):slight_smile:

heyyy happy birthday
may u live long and happy :slight_smile:

happy birthday all the best =] <3

I assume this is a joke? I joined in 2005, so that’s almost 7 years. I joined in 05 to point out an error a staff member said in an article about accessibility, I didn’t come back for a few years atfer that. Not to mention I was mentor for a while (roughly mid March 2011 to April/May 2011).

@rguy84; Yes, it was a joke :wink:


hippy beerday Mr B

Just making sure @molona
i haz no bir that day Poes

ahannnn :stuck_out_tongue: enjoyed ?

Birthday happy, Ryan!

so far’s I knows, u not a hippy either.

That said, you’re not old enough yet to have switched from celebrating beerdays to shamefully hiding them. My excuse is just apathy

beer: yay
beerdays: meh

whisky: wahoo!