Happy Birthday Molona!

Happy Birthday Nuria, hope you have a great day!
:aparty: :beer:

Happy birthday! :slight_smile:

Happy Birthday, Nuria! :bday: Hope it’s a good one. :hbday:

Are you going to party dance for us Nuria? :cool:

Thanks guys. I had a great day… working! Started at 06:00 am and finished at 22:30… but I did buy myself a great present: a brand new Samsung Galaxy S II. I know I shouldn’t have but… :smiley:

@xhtmlcoder; Of course… I will start with the banana dance! :nanaman:

Congratulations with your birthday + 1 day! :smiley:

Happy birthday Molona! Late but at least I brought the cake :bday:.


Happy Birthday to you!

Happy birthday! Waiting till the weekend for something exciting?