Happy Birthday, Mizwizzy!

[FONT=“Georgia”]It’s bedtime and I’m really sleepy so this is a short and uncreative greeting.

Happy birthday, Hazel!

Now go do something fun. Run along, now.


Happy Birthday! :hbday:

Hey Wiz! Happy, happy, joy, joy. :hbday: :weee:

Sorry I apparently missed the actual day, I was out of town (abducted by aliens. That were zombies. And amputees. Thank god they had no arms or legs, the probing could have easily turned into an American History X shower scene type of deal)

Actually I was planting strawberries for mom before the snow flies.

Congrats Hazel, have a nice day! :slight_smile:

Happy Birthday, Hazel!! :aparty::hbday::drink::Partier:

Happy bday, lass!

Happy birthday, Mimmy, the second. :slight_smile:


Happy birthday Hazel! Have a great day :slight_smile:

Happy Birthday. :slight_smile:

Hope you had a great day!

happy birthday!! enjoy your life have a fun

Happy Birthday Mizwizzy!!! Enjoy your big day:)

Happy Birthday Hazel…!! hope you had a blast… :slight_smile:

Happy 2nd 29th! :stuck_out_tongue: :Partier: :beer:

Sorry to bump this thread up but I wanted to extend my thanks and appreciation to all of you who wished me happy birthday! Thank you soooo much to everyone for all the lovely birthday wishes! I’m really sorry it’s taken me soo long to post but I haven’t been well recently but all is good again and I had a great birthday :slight_smile:

So that’s why you were gone - I tought santa had you kidnapped for bad behavior :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice to see you back :smiley:

:hohoho: no, not yet I think I’d go willingly if that were the case :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks Ken!

[FONT=“Georgia”]The phrase, “weird, beardy things,” just popped into my mind, but that’s another story.


care to elaborate on that one Shaun :shifty: :scratch:

I’m not so sure we wanna hear about it… :shifty: :stuck_out_tongue:

Hola Wiz!

“I was sick”. Likely excuse.
Seriously, glad you had a gooder though!