Happy Birthday Datura

Come out, come out where ever you are :smiley:

Happy Birthday Ulrike! :slight_smile:

Happy Birthday Ulrike! :sparty::bday::Partier:

been a while now…

happy birthday to you.


Happy Birthday :hbday:

Happy Birthday Ulrike!

Late as always but H.A.P.P.Y birthday stuff. Mx

Happy birthday, may this day always be a special one to remember.

Although a bit late… Happy Birtday! :smiley:

happy birthday to you.

Also a bit late, but Happy Belated Birthday! :smiley:

I hate to say this, but I fear that Datura isn’t okay. She is my friend on Facebook as well as here at SitePoint and I haven’t seen her either place for a long time. Even though I sent her several messages, she has never replied. :frowning:

Let’s hope for the best. Not everybody logs into facebook and she’s not been around here for a long time so it may be a case of being very busy.