Happy Birthday Andy aka Armchaircritic/Akritic!

:slight_smile: Have a nice one! :bday:

Happy Happy Happy! :slight_smile:

Happy birthday, Andy!

Happy birthday Andy, my friend. :kiss:

[FONT=“Georgia”]Happy birthday man.


:hbday: Andy!

Have a good day!!

Happy birthday to you! :smiley:

:sing: Happy Birthday to you!! :sing:

I hope that you have a great day :smiley: You can :drink: and celebrate… Just remember that if you :drink: too much, you may not remember how to get back home :lol:


Happy Birthday Andy!

Hey, thank you everyone…

in keeping with tradition I took the day off work :nanaman: so I’m off to do some fun stuff

Happy Birthday old chap!!

Happy Birthday Andy! :hbday::Partier::aparty:

(when did the name change happend?)

Happy birthday! :beer: Hope you had much fun! :Partier:

Happy Birthday! :smiley:

Thanks guys

Yep… my head hurt a little this morning, but heck it was worth it :smiley:

@Crazy, recently changed, perhaps one or two weeks since :slight_smile:

happy belated bithday! :sparty: