Hamburger menu icon not working on IOS

The hamburger menu icon on my phone is not toggling the menu.
I have two sites that use the same responsive theme using the hamburger icon toggle method for the small device veiwport.
This hamburger menu icon toggles correctly:
This one does not:

In the working header file (header-home.php) at there is a call to one class
<div class="navbar-responsive-collapse">

The corresponding code In (header-home.php) for the hamburger icon which doesn’t work at calls an additional two classes (navbar-collapse and collapse) for some reason. i.e. <div class="navbar-collapse collapse navbar-responsive-collapse">

  • When these two additional classes are removed, the small device veiwport opens with the menu displayed and disables toggling.
  • Adding back just ‘collapse’ closes the menu and disables toggling.
  • Adding back ‘collapse’ and ‘navbar-collapse’ closes the menu and disables toggling.

Could this be a javascript path error? - just guessing :confused:

Any help appreciated.

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