Habits List Web App

I’m looking at making a homepage for myself that helps remind me to do daily habits.
I’m fairly rusty on my programming skills. The point of this is to give me a useful little tool while I learn more about programming.
I’m comfortable with HTML5. CSS3, PHP, and have made use of some jQuery based snippets and done minor modifications to them.

Here’s how it will work:

- I open my browser and it loads a page with a list of my daily habits.

- As I complete habits for the day, I click on them in the list, and they are hidden from view. Only the remaining habits are visible.

- The next day, the habits list is reloaded.

It seems simple enough, but I’m not sure how to approach it.

I’m just looking for general pointers to get me headed in the right direction.
Things like:

  • How/where to store the list of items.
  • What sort of javascript will I need to learn about to make this happen?
  • How to keep track of whether or not it’s a new day.

Not called “habits”, but the Ember.js site has a guide that walks through creating TodoMVC demo application.