GWMT Internal Link Numbers

Hi guys,

Recently my client, an e-commerce website, has suffered a major blow in terms of Search Engine Ranking, mainly in Google.

We’re struggling to find the reason for this. We’ve worked on the content, etc to try an give it more for Google to look at without overdoing it obviously.

Recently we’ve noticed a major increase in the number of internal links Google states that there are over 15 million internal links in all, this is including sub domains.

However, the issue is, this number essentially shot up from an understandable few thousand to, if i remember correctly, 13 million the next day.

Should we be worried?

Also, how many links per page would you say is too much, baring in mind that this is an e-commerce website which is bound to have a lot of links.


Sorry, I meant “has the number of pages that Google finds on your site changed?”

We haven’t added anything apart from a few products. We sorted out ‘duplicate’ pages, these pages were being duplicated due to a poor, inconsistent URL structure.

We’ve seen dramatic (200-3000% changes) in those sorts of numbers recently, mostly connected with the roll-out of Caffeine and also back-link data updates.

When you say you sorted them out, I take it you used 301s or rel=canonicals?

The main thing I would be looking for is whether a major source of your backlinks has disappeared (normally when they do a site change)

Has the number of pages changed significantly? My first thought is that they might be somehow indexing multiple versions of each page.